The Launch of Alcohol Armor

Jameson & Glenn Meet
The first meeting in 2014 supported the Special Forces Surveillance Program. Jameson was the chief military instructor for the program and Glenn was brought on as the leading expert in open-source targeting. They quickly realized each other’s talent for finding bad guys and their love for partying hard.
Founding their non-profit organization
Jameson and Glenn decided to use their military skills toward a cause that they are extremely passionate about. They founded a nonprofit organization that specializes in targeting sophisticated child sex trafficking rings worldwide.
Realize the need for a solution to wasted mornings​
During their operations around the world, Jameson and Glenn thought there had to be a solution to waking up not affected by drinking the night before…. they quickly realized there was no solution. At that point, they scoured all the ingredients and cures around the globe to create a solution.
Development of Alcohol Armor Begins
Thus began the real-world testing and development of what is now known as “Alcohol Armor by N2D”. N2D stands for Not2Day and signifies the need to have no wasted days in your life – if you wake up and tell yourself you can’t, you better slap yourself and say Not2Day – Bitch.
Alcohol Armor Launches
Jameson and Glenn are ready to unveil this SAVAGE TESTED and SAVAGE APPROVED beverage to the masses. This product will allow you to handle your partying business and wake up and handle whatever is in front of you. You do not go to war without your armor, so why would you drink without it?
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No Bullsh*t Guarantee

Super easy, super fast! The Savages that created Alcohol Armor believe that if used properly, all consumers will be armored up against those terrible morning afters. However, if for some reason Alcohol Armor does not work for you, we will refund your purchase no questions asked. Unlike some companies that guarantee their product and make you go through endless paperwork to get your refund, and you feel like you need a special ops team to storm their building to get your money, we make it simple. Email our customer service line, give them your information, and we will refund your money. No bullsh*t!