Alcohol Armor is the pre-emptive strike against those awful morning afters

Established in 2022

you have to have a solution before you drink

If other “cures” worked, our product wouldn’t exist. Alcohol Armor is THE pre-emptive strike against those awful morning afters. Created by battle-hardened veterans, Alcohol Armor is the first product designed to be taken with your first drink and has been tested extensively from the jungles of Colombia to the deserts of the Middle East. Whether you’re prepping for a night out or recovering from one, Alcohol Armor has you covered. Alcohol Armor…party like a savage and wake up like a hero!

No Bullsh*t Guarantee

Super easy, super fast! The Savages that created Alcohol Armor believe that if used properly, all consumers will be armored up against those terrible morning hangovers. However, if for some reason Alcohol Armor does not work for you, we will refund your purchase no questions asked. Unlike some companies that guarantee their product and make you go through endless paperwork to get your refund, and you feel like you need a special ops team to storm their building to get your money, we make it simple. E-mail our customer service line, give them your information, and we will refund your money.


At Alcohol Armor, we take pride in our product and stand firmly behind it. That’s why we want all our customers to enjoy their nights to the fullest with the assurance that they can wake up the next morning ready to take on the day. Because we believe in our product, we also promise you won’t experience another hangover again. That’s not just a guarantee, it’s our mission.

Don't believe us, Hear from people who tried it:

Neemo T
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Bachelor party in Nashville. Ended up at Coyote Ugly where they were handing these out, I took a couple of the shots and no B.S. it worked, I woke up fresh and ready for Day 2.
Kyle I
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This actually tastes good and worked for me. Allows to be a degenerate 7 days a week. God help me 😂
Chuck M
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Tried everything, still felt like crap the next day. A friend of mine gave us alcohol armor at a wedding and I was able to wake up better the next day. I won't drink without it.
Haley G
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This sh*t works. It’s not just a gimmick there’s science and research behind it with ingredients to counteract the negative effects of alcohol.
Jessica J
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I'm a mom, so I am up early which means I can't go out until I learned about Alcohol Armor. I woke up before her with enough energy to make her breakfast.
Morgan S
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Alcohol Armor has gotten me and my friends through some long nights and what should've been rough mornings! I will always have this on hand so I can get through my days after drinking and not waste any more days being hungover.
Matt M
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Really Good product. Was honestly surprised it tasted that good.
Ashley C
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This is the only thing that has ever gotten me out of bed before 12 and that is amazing... 😍😍😍
Carrie W
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Absolutely love this product and can’t imagine drinking without it ever again. I recently celebrated my friends birthday and had alcohol armor to protect me from what would have been an awful hangover the next day...

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