How does it work?

Alcohol Armor has been formulated out of necessity by savages to help your body eliminate toxins while also fortifying key organs required to recover faster.

How to use it? 

Enjoy a 2oz serving of Alcohol Armor shortly before you consume any amount of alcohol, or use it as a mixer with your clear drink of choice.

When’s the best time to take Alcohol Armor?

The best time to take Alcohol Armor is every time you drink! If you don’t go to war without your armor, then why would you party without it? You should consume 1 alcohol armor when you start drinking. If you plan to have a longer night, you can take up to three total to enhance your armor’s ability to protect you!

How to ARMOR UP responsibly?

Alcohol Armor does not in any way decrease one’s ability to become intoxicated or inebriated, nor does it minimize alcohol’s real-time effects. As a safety precaution when drinking alcohol, do not over-consume, proceed legally with caution; and never drive or operate machinery under the influence.