Why Feel Bad The Next Morning?

When You Armor Up You Don't Have To

No one likes waking up the morning after a long night of drinking, feeling terrible after a fun night out. While there are a variety of hangover “cures” out there, none of them have been proven to work. But what if you could prevent a hangover before you even took your first sip of alcohol? That’s where Alcohol Armor comes in. 

The Alcohol Armor scientific team went to great lengths to find the most effective combination of natural ingredients to develop this unique product. The founders, who are battle-hardened veterans, would not settle for a product that does not achieve the mission objective. Don’t put up with wasted mornings. Armor up and don’t feel bad the next morning. Shop our products below.

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Each 2oz Alcohol Armor® shot contains a perfectly formulated elixir created by savages, out of necessity, which provides your body with the armor it needs when you drink.

  • HOW IT WORKS: Our formula features botanicals like asparagus and kudzu root, and blends them with activated charcoal, vitamins, and minerals to help you wake up feeling refreshed and ready for action.
  • Replenish Key Nutrients: Quickly and easily stock up on a mega-dose of Replenishing Key Nutrients with just one serving of Alcohol Armor. Proactively equip your body with various forms of potassium and salt, minerals critical to bodily functions, which are often lost to alcohol consumption.
  • HOW TO USE IT: Enjoy a 2oz serving of Alcohol Armor shortly before you consume any amount of alcohol, or use it as a mixer with your clear drink of choice.
  • ARMOR UP RESPONSIBLY: Alcohol Armor does not in any way decrease one’s ability to become intoxicated or inebriated, nor does it minimize alcohol’s real time effects. As a safety precaution when drinking alcohol, do not over-consume, proceed legally with caution; and never drive or operate machinery under the influence.

Party with peace of mind knowing this tried and tested formula includes the best vitamins and supplements needed to combat the effects of a sloppy night.

Directions: Enjoy a 2oz serving of Alcohol Armor shortly before you consume any amount of alcohol, or use it as a mixer with your clear drink of choice.

Slay Berry flavor mixes perfectly with most clear liquor such as Vodka, Clear Rum, and Gin. PewPewTang flavor mixes perfectly with Tequila, rum, or Whiskey.



Don't believe us? Hear from people who have tried it:

Neemo T
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Bachelor party in Nashville. Ended up at Coyote Ugly where they were handing these out, I took a couple of the shots and no B.S. it worked, I woke up fresh and ready for Day 2.
Kyle I
Read More
This actually tastes good and worked for me. Allows to be a degenerate 7 days a week. God help me 😂
Chuck M
Read More
Tried everything, still felt like crap the next day. A friend of mine gave us alcohol armor at a wedding and I was able to wake up better the next day. I won't drink without it.
Parker S
Read More
🚫 🧢 this shit BUSSIN. Woke up ready to tear down vegas for a second night. You won't regret it.
Jessica J
Read More
I'm a mom, so I am up early which means I can't go out until I learned about Alcohol Armor. I woke up before her with enough energy to make her breakfast.
Michael L
Read More
Night one maybe I went too hard, night two took 3 of them bitches and woke up ready for brunch.
Matt M
Read More
Honestly surprised it worked and actually had a good taste. Don't normally believe in this stuff but I actually woke up and wasn't a complete asshole to my wife and daughter.
Ashley C
Read More
This is the only thing that has ever gotten me out of bed before 12 and that is amazing... 😍😍😍
Jesse D
Read More
I don't get hungover, I'm a savage... but when I drink this I don't feel the need to chug a gallon of water around 7AM so that's something.