Activated Charcoal

At Alcohol Armor, we love activated charcoal for its numerous health benefits, particularly in the realm of preventing bad mornings after a night of drinking. But what exactly is activated charcoal? Find out below, then explore the science behind the other ingredients in Alcohol Armor products, or shop now.

The History of Activated Charcoal

The use of activated charcoal can be traced back thousands of years. Ancient Egyptians and Hindus discovered its absorbent properties and used it for medicinal purposes. However, it wasn’t until the 18th century that activated charcoal started being used in the industrial world, primarily in water filtration systems. Today, it has found a new purpose — preventing tough mornings after a night of drinking.

How Activated Charcoal Is Created

The creation of activated charcoal starts with carbon-rich materials like coconut shells or wood. These materials are heated at high temperatures in the absence of air, a process called carbonization. The resulting charcoal is then “activated” through a process called steam activation, where high-pressure steam is used to create small pores in the charcoal. These pores increase the surface area of the charcoal, allowing it to efficiently trap and absorb toxins.

How Does Activated Charcoal Help Prevent Bad Mornings?

One of the most significant benefits of activated charcoal is its ability to prevent bad mornings after you’ve been drinking. When consumed before alcohol intake, activated charcoal acts as a sponge in the digestive system, absorbing impurities, toxins, and chemicals present in alcoholic beverages. By doing so, it helps reduce the overall alcohol content that reaches the bloodstream, potentially minimizing the impacts the next day.

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